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Staircase to the Chapter House Wells Cathedral
Staircase to the Chapter House, Wells Cathedral


Artist: Wells Cathedral Choir
Words/Music: Saward/Barnard
Recording: Hyperion 711210

Christ triumphant ever reigning,
Saviour, master, king,
Lord of heav'n, our lives sustaining,
Hear us as we sing:

Yours the glory and the crown,
the high renown,
the eternal name.

Word incarnate, truth revealing,
Son of man on earth!
Power and majesty concealing
By your humble birth:

Suffering servant, scorned, ill-treated,
Victim crucified!
Death is through the Cross defeated,
Sinners justified:

Priestly king, enthroned for ever
High in heaven above!
Sin and death and hell shall never
Stifle hymns of love:

So, our hearts and voices raising
Through the ages long,
Ceaselessly upon you gazing,
This shall be our song:


Artist: Wells Cathedral Choir
Words/Music: Schutte
Recording: Hyperion 711210

I, the lord of sea and sky,
I have heard my people cry.
All who dwell in dark and sin
My hand will save.
I who made the stars of night,
I will make their darkness bright.
Who will bear my light to them?
Whom shall I send?

Here I am, Lord. Is it I, Lord?
I have heard you calling in the night.
I will go, Lord, if you lead me.
I will hold your people in my heart.

I, the lord of snow and rain,
I have borne my people's pain.
I have wept for love of them.
They turn away.
I will break their hearts of stone,
Give them hearts for love alone.
I will speak my word to them.
Whom shall I send?

I the lord of wind and flame,
I will tend the poor and lame.
I will set a feast for them.
My hand will save.
Finest bread I will provide
Till their hearts be satisfied.
I will give my life to them.
Whom shall I send?


Artist: Choir of Portsmouth Cathedral
Words/Music: Dudley-Smith/Baughen
Recording: Herald HAVPCD 205

Lord, for the years your love has kept and guided,
urged and inspired us, cheered us on our way,
sought us and saved us, pardoned and provided:
Lord for the years, we bring our thanks today.

Lord, for that word, the word of life which fires us,
speaks to our hearts and sets our souls ablaze,
teaches and trains, rebukes us and inspires us:
Lord of the word, receive your people's praise.

Lord, for our land in this our generation,
spirits oppressed by pleasure, wealth and care:
for young and old, for commonwealth and nation,
Lord of our land, be pleased to hear our prayer.

Lord, for our world where we disown and doubt you,
loveless in strength, and comfortless in pain,
hungry and helpless, lost indeed without you:
Lord of the world, we pray that Christ may reign.

Lord for ourselves; in living power remake us-
self on the cross, and Christ upon the throne,
past put behind us, for the future take us:
Lord of our lives, to live for Christ alone.


Artist: Kansas City Chorale
Words/Music: Manz
Recording: Nimbus NI 5568

Peace be to you and grace from Him
Who freed us from our sins,
Who loved us all and shed His blood
That we might saved be

Sing Holy, Holy to our Lord
The Lord, Almighty God,
Who was and is and is to come;
Sing Holy, Holy, Lord!

Rejoice in heaven, all ye that dwell therein,
Rejoice on earth, ye saints below,
For Christ is coming, is coming soon,
For Christ is coming soon!

E’en so, Lord Jesus, quickly come,
And Night shall be no more:
They need no light nor lamp nor sun,
For Christ will be their All!


Artist: Women of the Boston Camerata
Words/Music: Trad
Recording: Erato 98491


Artist: Boston Camerata, Schola Cantorum, Shaker Community of Sabbathday Lake, Maine
Words/Music: Elder Joseph Brackett
Label: Erato 98491

'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free
'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,
And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
'Twill be in the valley of love and delight.
When true simplicity is gained,
To bow and to bend we shan't be ashamed,
To turn, turn will be our delight,
Til by turning, turning we come 'round right.


Artist: Knox Church Choir, Dunedin
Words/Music: Gibson
Recording: Radio New Zealand recording

Where the road runs out and the signposts end,
where we come to the edge of today,
be the God of Abraham for us;
send us out upon our way.

Lord, you were our beginning,
the faith that gave us birth.
We look to you, our ending,
our hope for heaven and earth.

When the coast is left and we journey on
to the rim of the sky and the sea,
be the sailor’s friend, be the dolphin Christ,
lead us on to eternity.

When the clouds are low and the wind is strong,
when tomorrow’s storm draws near,
be the spirit bird hov’ring overhead
who will take away our fear.


Artist: St Michael’s Singers, Coventry
Words/Music: Havergal/Reichardt
Recording: Kingsway KMCD 851

Who is on the Lord's side? Who will serve the King?
Who will be His helpers other lives to bring?
Who will leave the world's side? Who will face the foe?
Who is on the Lord's side? Who for Him will go?
By Thy call of mercy, by Thy grace Divine,
We are on the Lord's side, Saviour, we are Thine.

Not for weight of glory, not for crown and palm,
Enter we the army, raise the warrior psalm;
But for Love that claimeth lives for whom He died:
He whom Jesus nameth must be on His side.
By Thy love constraining, by Thy grace Divine,
We are on the Lord's side, Saviour, we are Thine.

Jesus, Thou hast bought us, not with gold or gem,
But with Thine own life-blood, for Thy diadem:
With Thy blessing filling each who comes to Thee,
Thou hast made us willing, Thou hast made us free.
By Thy grand redemption, by Thy grace Divine,
We are on the Lord's side, Saviour, we are Thine.

Fierce may be the conflict, strong may be the foe,
But the King's own army none can overthrow:
Round His standard ranging, victory is secure;
For His truth unchanging makes the triumph sure.
Joyfully enlisting, by Thy grace Divine,
We are on the Lord's side. Saviour, we are Thine!

Chosen to be soldiers in an alien land,
Chosen, called, and faithful, for our Captain's band;
In the service royal let us not grow cold;
Let us be right loyal, noble, true and bold.
Master, Thou wilt keep us, by Thy grace Divine,
Always on the Lord's side, Saviour, always Thine.