The Secrets I Keep by Georgina Scull

"This is the first time I have broken my silence. Maybe now I will rest in peace?”

Two years in the making, this is a compelling first person doco-drama where three actors recreate the real-life confessions of three everyday New Zealanders who have held life-long secrets.

Cast: Dame Kate Harcourt, Grant Tilly and Aaron Alexander.

Produced by Georgina Scull and engineered by Phil Brownlee for Radio New Zealand National.


Georgina Scull is a writer/director, and is more than slightly obsessed with crime, lies and secrets. She was short-listed for the Orange Prize for Screenwriting, her adaptation ofThe Bewitching of Alison Allbright is currently being packaged in the States; and she’s currently writingThe Hunting Ground an intelligent horror (yes, there is such a thing), Remote, a story about everyday revenge, and Verbatim, a docu-drama replaying/reconstructing a real-life crime using court transcripts and police interviews.