25th April: A True Fiction by Dean Parker

What was? What could have been? The past is the past, but the 25th of April might have been remembered each year for very different reasons, if only...

A ‘mockumentary’ piece making use of commentary, reportage, re-enactment and poetry. The central character is Rufus Dewar, a young New Zealander who is sent to Gallipoli, is wounded, deserts the army, returns to New Zealand and becomes, for a brief period, a figurehead and rallying point for the growing protest movement advocating New Zealand’s withdrawal from WWI. 

New Zealand and Australian soldiers landing at Anzac Cove

Photo: Supplied / Alexander Turnbull Library


Dean Parker
Dean Parker was a successful New Zealand screenwriter and playwright. He worked as a writer for much of his life and bwas prominent in his union, the New Zealand Writer's Guild.

Cast: CK Stead, Kim Hill, Marilyn Duckworth, David Grant, Nathan Meister, Nikki McDonnell, Tim Spite, Nick Dunbar, Tanea Heke, Duncan Smith, Adam Macaulay

Produced by Adam Macaulay and engineered by Phil Benge for RNZ