6 Apr 2021

The Collective: Meet the Musicians

From The Collective, 6:00 am on 6 April 2021

Meet the six young musicians on a journey to the biggest gig of their lives.

Mahima aka EMCEA

Mahima aka EMCEA

Mahima aka EMCEA Photo: Kaelin Wade

Mahima AKA EMCEA is an emerging multi-genre and experimental RnB artist from Kaitaia, now based in Auckland. His sound is soulful and authentic, channeling all of his feelings into his music. His purpose is to use his musical platform to share high-vibe messages with the masses.

Iris Guevarra aka Iris G

Iris aka Iris G

Iris aka Iris G Photo: Hunter Crouchley

Iris G is a 22-year-old RnB singer/songwriter from Avondale, Auckland. 

Iris merges quirky vocals with personal storytelling and hard-hitting synths that draw listeners in and takes them on a journey.

“My music is a mix of old school hip hop, RnB and emotions,” Iris says. 

Having grown up around music, Iris has long had a passion for producing her own sound. However, it wasn’t until she entered a school talent quest that she realised it could be her career.

With a proposition from her school principal to write a song or go to detention, Iris has been writing songs ever since.

Her music achievements include winning the Smokefree Rockquest in 2016 for Best Solo Artist, and having her song ‘Attitude’ feature in the 2018 TVNZ docuseries ‘Neighbourhood’. 

As a self-described feminist, Iris isn’t afraid to speak her mind and takes inspiration from singers like Lizzo. Her music focuses on personal life experiences and lyrics promoting female empowerment. 

Her driving force is being able to provide for her family through music. 

Adding to her collection, Iris’ new single ‘My Body Is Mine’ is dropping April 12, 2021. It will be available on all streaming platforms.

Originally written as a personal mantra, My Body Is Mine explores Iris’ experiences in owning her own body.

Iris G is the freshest new vocalist to come out of Avondale, New Zealand.

Mataio Hanrahan aka Ace Swami

Mataio aka Ace Swami

Mataio aka Ace Swami Photo: Hunter Crouchley

Mataio, AKA Ace Swami, is an experimental rap artist with his beats channeling jazz, hip hop and RnB.

But while his genre is hard to fit in one box, all of Mataio’s songs are influenced by his own experiences.

Growing up in a very music-heavy environment, Mataio was never destined for a “normal job”. A self-confessed poet, music was his calling and he describes himself as a perfectionist in his approach.

Mataio seeks inspiration from artists like David Bowie and Andre 3000 who, despite being incredibly different in sound, have always been true to themselves.

His stage name Ace Swami is a nod to his father, whose nickname is Ace, and Buddhist spiritual leaders/advisors known as Swami.

In his spare time Mataio can be found writing music, skateboarding and making art.

Amelia aka Lesboss

No caption

Photo: Hunter Crouchley

Amelia AKA Lesboss is an up and coming pop artist with upbeat, feel-good vibes. Lesbos is Amelia’s alter ego, her superhero suit reminding her of her innate self-worth while representing the LGBTQI community.

Trey & Jay Nepia, aka 2Trae & Yhung J.A.E

Trey & Jay, aka 2Trae & Yhung Jae

Trey & Jay, aka 2Trae & Yhung Jae Photo: Hunter Crouchley

Trey & Jay are up and coming rap artists from Glen Innes, Auckland. Trey’s genre is rap, trap and hip hop and he makes his own beats. His brother Jay has a deep, soulful voice and together they’re blazing a trail in the music industry to ‘get out the hood and do good’.

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