Episode 8: The Market - The Citizen's Handbook

From The Citizen's Handbook, 12:08 am on 16 April 2020

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Episode 8 - The Market (Video)

"We're both better off."

"We're both better off." Photo: Kevin & Co

Before money was introduced to Aotearoa everyone worked within their Hapu to grow, work and trade for what was needed in their community.  Then the Brits arrived and introduced “Special tokens” that were used at markets for trading goods and services, this is what we call money.  In this episode, Robbie looks at this “special token” system and what the rules are and how the government of New Zealand is involved. 

"I'd do anything for a coin."

"I'd do anything for a coin." Photo: Kevin & Co


Episode 8 - The Market (Podcast)

Robbie Nicol and Eli Mathewson go head to head, talking about Sir Roger Douglas and Dame Marilyn Waring.

Eli, Robbie & Finn

Eli, Robbie & Finn Photo: Kevin & Co / Tim Batt

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Finnius Teppett & Robbie Nicol

Finnius Teppett & Robbie Nicol Photo: Kevin & Co

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