2 Oct 2020

The Citizen's Handbook: Election Special | Cannabis

From The Citizen's Handbook: Election Special, 11:00 am on 2 October 2020

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Series Classification: PG (Parental Guidance)

Everything you need to know about the upcoming NZ General Election and two referendums, from the team behind The Citizen's Handbook.

The question is not whether we should legalise marijuana, but how we should legalise marijuana. The Citizen's Handbook asks the questions that need asking and express how it’s important the marijuana industry doesn’t become like the alcohol industry - so how do we stop this from happening? 

Useful Links

  • Visit the official referendum page here.
  • The Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor's summary here.


Earlier in 2020, the creators of White Man Behind a Desk brought you The Citizen's Handbook, which was all about empowering the audience with the knowledge of how this country came to be, how it currently works, and how we can face the challenges that lie ahead. 

Robbie Nicol and Finn Teppett have returned ahead of the 2020 New Zealand General Election to not only break down how to vote, but to provide background and knowledge on the two referendums so everyone in New Zealand understands what they are voting on.

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Finnius Teppett & Robbie Nicol

Finnius Teppett & Robbie Nicol Photo: Kevin & Co

The Citizen’s Handbook: Election Special is a video series written by Robbie Nicol and Finnius Teppett, and produced by Kevin & Co.

Robbie Nicol is a writer and presenter best known as the creator and host of the political comedy web series White Man Behind a Desk.

Finnius Teppett is an award-winning writer for theatre, television, and film.

| Twitter: @robbienicol & @finni_yes | Facebook: @WhiteManBehindADesk |

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