20 Nov 2023

MARAUDERS | Season 4

From MARAUDERS, 6:00 am on 20 November 2023

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Playback: Live and direct in Amsterdam, with a Three Piece Suit showcase featuring Trinity Roots, EBB, and Fat Freddy’s Drop at Melkweg. Freddy's get funky, cooking in the kitchen with The Nod, a multi-cam boil-up with additional footage by Get Down Productions. Freddy's OGs DJ Fitchie & Joe Dukie share thoughts about the tour, road-testing songs that will feature on a new studio album. European tour finale at Cargo, London. Time to go home, dance into the night. Chur.

Playback: Things are coming together. There's a soundcheck at Melkweg, a well-known music venue in Amsterdam, for a Three Piece Suit showcase. Freddy's jam "Bounce," a tune off the 2001 Live at the Matterhorn release. Mo' Show, led by intrepid ambassadors MC OJ & the Rhythm Slave, is in Amsterdam to clock Freddy's evolution. Rhythm Slave is destined to be a future Freddy's band member.

Playback: Keeping the vibe right, a music-heavy flow with the Three Piece Suit showcase in session. Lady Flic, Trinity Roots, and EBB lead proceedings, while Freddy's get ready backstage. You can sense the progression from Freddy's first shows in London at the beginning of the tour. Wicked vibes. Amsterdam rocks. Additional footage by Get Down and Wicked Stylish Studio.

Playback: Step a little closer to the heat with Fat Freddy's Drop's "The Nod" live at Three Piece Suit, Melkweg. Something funky is cooking in the kitchen. Joe Dukie raps about puha and a pork bone boil-up with dough boys. So sweet. It's a multi-camera experience with additional footage by Get Down and Wicked Stylish Studio.

Playback: Chill in the garden after the mighty Three Piece Suit gig. Dobie Blaze has an interview with Get Down about tunes being road-tested on tour, and possibilities for a new album. Sacha Horton-Hoogerwerf from Get Down enthuses about Freddy's South Pacific tropical surprise. Lisa Tomlins has a canal trip and quick riff on singing with EBB and guesting with Freddy's. Bonus track: Ernie Dread Remix by DJ Mu.

Playback: DJ Fitchie recaps the tour: writing heaps of rhythm tracks on the road and sorting songs for a new album. He asks Joe Dukie about musical inspiration and tour life. Everyone is "casually" looking forward to going home. Next steps forward: to find the balance to keep doing this as a living for the rest of our lives.

Playback: Time to go home. The final Fat Freddy’s Drop show of the debut European tour is back at Cargo, London. Freddy's meet the press. Artist Anneke Stewart paints Freddy's graph wall based on the HOPE 10” design. Hopepa interview, very laid back. Scott Towers is subbing for Warren Maxwell, a future band member. Montage from last show with the bonus track Roady Samoa Remix by DJ Mu. Dance into the night, so many things have changed. That’s it for the handycam time machine 2003 roady with Fat Freddy’s Drop.

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