13 Nov 2023

MARAUDERS | Season 3

From MARAUDERS, 6:00 am on 13 November 2023

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Playback: The slow-burn pace shifts a gear as Fat Freddy’s Drop arrive in Berlin. The band has a strong following in Berlin thanks to the earlier release of Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie’s "Midnight Marauders" on 12”. Something in that soul connection. Rides to Vienna to play legendary Flex nightclub, and a montage of Berlin street art and architecture driven by Shiverman Samoa Remix by DJ Mu. The European roady continues to Amsterdam for a showcase of Aotearoa music, a cultural exchange arranged by Get Down Productions.

Playback: Berlin baby, hanging with Daniel Best, Best Works, Sonar Kollektiv who released Freddy's "Midnight Marauders" 12” vinyl. Live audio from Lovelite, Berlin, underpins photos of shows at Cafe Moskau and YAAM. Next stop: Vienna. Fulla Flash is too broke to know how it's going. Sound check Flex, legendary underground nightclub by Danube Canal.

Playback: Show time. Headlining Dub Club at Flex nightclub. Lisa Tomlins on guest BVs. Drop back to Berlin, with a photo and video montage of Berlin streets. Art, architecture, and the Berlin Will with a bonus soundtrack: Shiverman Samoa Remix by DJ Mu.

Playback: Berlin: Freddy's home away from home. Half the band staying at an apartment in Prenzlauer Berg, East Berlin. Host Andre Boiko aka DJ Vertigo says he hopes to keep the contact. Fulla Flash interview on manipulating molecules and changing form. We recap Freddy's origins and the importance of the MPC 2000, which fattens any sound.

Playback: DJ Fitchie polishing "5 Day Night" rework. Surrounded by a vinyl collection in an apartment offered up by Jazzanova, the crew who founded Sonar Kollektiv. On the streets, Daniel Best, Best Works, Sonar Kollektiv, talks about first hearing Freddy's dubby reggae, releasing "Midnight Marauders" by Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie, and now getting to know the whole band. Farewell barbecue with Berlin whānau.

Playback: Goodbye, Berlin. On the bus to Amsterdam, a ten-hour ride. Welcome and words of advice from Sacha Horton-Hoogerwerf from Get Down Productions. The crew has arranged a cultural exchange between Netherlands and Aotearoa, a series of events featuring Freddy's and fellow Wellington bands EBB and Trinity Roots. Bonus: Get Down interview with Jetlag Johnson.

Playback: Classic bike rides in Amsterdam. Freddy's are on the bills at Landjuweel Festival Ruigoord as the New Zealand Band. Lisa Tomlins, guest BVs. Smashes it on the mic on "Midnight Marauders." Drive back through the mist to Restaurant de Ruimte, where EBB, featuring Dobie Blaze and Lisa Tomlins, jam. True.

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