20 Feb 2024

Coming Soon: Voice of Tangaroa

From Kākāpō Files, 4:00 pm on 20 February 2024
Stylised kelp graphic ontop of dark ocean coloured background, with 'Voice of Tangaroa' on top

Photo: Krista Barnaby

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Coming soon to RNZ Podcasts is the new series Voice of Tangaroa, exploring the state of our oceans, and the extraordinary variety of life that calls it home.

Released weekly from Thursday 29, you can find the episodes in the Voice of Tangaroa or Our Changing World podcast feed wherever you get your podcast.

Voice of Tangaroa is a joint production between RNZ’s Our Changing World and New Zealand Geographic.

Reporting for this series is Public Interest Journalism funded through NZ On Air. You can learn more and read the articles for free at www.nzgeo.com/seas

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Photo: NZ On Air