From HERE WE ARE, 12:00 pm on 18 November 2020


“All of us weren't necessarily born into womanhood. We had to fight to get accepted, we had to fight to get understood and to find who we are… We had to find ourselves through our communities.”

Poet, student and member of vogue house Coven-Carangi Stellar Angafili Makarita Pritchard has finally found her community. In this video, by visual journalist Claire-Eastham-Farrelly, Stellar talks about meeting house mother and artist Moe Laga, and finding her ‘chosen family’ - a group of queer and gender diverse people who have nurtured her talent and taught her that being a woman is about “being strong to who you are, knowing who you are and being passionate about what you do”. 

This video is part of HERE WE ARE, an RNZ series by journalists Murphy and Susan Strongman about trans mental health. You can read, hear and view more stories at HERE WE ARE was made with the help of the Mental Health Foundation and Like Minds, Like Mine.

Stellar Pritchard (left) and Moe Laga (right).

Photographed as part of Murphy's transgender mental health project (2020). Please seek permission before using on other stories.

Stellar Pritchard and Moe Laga. Photo: RNZ / Claire Eastham-Farrelly