31 Jul 2019

The most boring chemical element

From Elemental, 5:00 pm on 31 July 2019

Inspired by the Elemental podcast series, Dr Rebecca Jelley, from the University of Auckland, and podcast host Professor Allan Blackman, from the Auckland University of Technology, have just had a paper published in the prestigious science journal Nature Chemistry.

In ‘The most boring chemical element’ Rebecca and Allan set out to mark the International Year of the Periodic Table by finding the most boring element.

The task turns out to more challenging  - and interesting - than they anticipated.

And? Well, as they say in the ‘abstract’: “Could it be boron or bohrium that is the most boring? You’ll need to read to the end to find out.”

Or, you could listen to the podcast first for the spoiler, but then we highly recommend a read - the article is funny and enlightening (and open access). Enjoy!

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Photo: RNZ

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Professor Allan Blackman is at Auckland University of Technology.