21 Apr 2018

Bits+Bytes: Amazon conquers the world

From Bits+Bytes, 12:45 pm on 21 April 2018
Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

Photo: Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

Peter Griffin and Emily Wang analyse the latest news from the digital world.

A letter from Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos to shareholders reveals numbers for its Prime subscription service for the very first time.

With over 100 million Prime subscribers globally, each paying close to $US100 annually, it's a massive revenue earner before you even factor in the cut Amazon takes from all the goods sold via its online marketplace.

But what's happening with Amazon's Australasian strategy, and is Prime likely to come this way anytime soon?

Also, US and UK cyber security agencies warn of a major infiltration of global computer networks by Russian hackers.

So how do we know the Russians are behind it, and who's been affected?

Emily looks at the cybersecurity accord between 34 of the big tech companies, which pledges to never help governments launch cyber attacks on "innocent civilians or enterprises from anywhere".

Is this akin to a digital Geneva Convention, or a move by Silicon Valley to distance itself from state-sponsored cyber warfare?

Finally, Facebook tweaks its terms and conditions for 1.5 billion non-EU users (including those here in New Zealand) to move them to a site that's out of reach of the strict new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) European data privacy rules which come into effect next month. 

This is despite CEO Mark Zuckerberg previously saying that he intended to comply with the new rules.