14 Apr 2018

Bits+Bytes: Facebook's privacy revelations

From Bits+Bytes, 12:35 pm on 14 April 2018

How well did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg handle probing questions from US lawmakers on Capitol Hill this week? Peter Griffin and the Privacy Commissioner John Edwards review what Mr Zuckerberg said, how he said it, and what it could mean for Facebook's business and for the future of data privacy.

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Photo: (Photo by thoughtcatalog.com on Unsplash)

We also discuss the impact in New Zealand of new European privacy laws that come into force next month. The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) make privacy and data protection a legal right, and from the end of May any organisation based in the EU, or anyone handling EU citizens' data or offering services or products in the EU, must comply with it.

With an overhaul of New Zealand's own privacy laws taking place, with public submissions on the Privacy Bill due to close on Thursday 24th May 2018, we look at which New Zealand businesses will potentially be subject to the GDPR and what they need to do to comply.

Plus concerns that the new US CLOUD Act erodes international data privacy.