17 Feb 2018

Bits+Byte: Google controls ad sector

From Bits+Bytes, 12:25 pm on 17 February 2018

Why is Google blocking ads in it's popular web browser Chrome, and yet in gmail there are plans for more dynamic, interactive, dancing and singing ads that will blink and flash in your inbox? Plus questions from some of our leading scientists about NZ's involvement in building the world's largest telescope project. It's called the Square Kilometre Array, and once built could unravel the origins of the universe. And Emily Wang looks at emojis, the smiley faces used in digital communications and the latest emojis launched for 2018 and how you can make your own. Plus questions answered - this week how does the camera on your device know where a photo has been taken if it's not connected to the internet or the mobile phone network when the shot is taken?