20 Jan 2018

Bits+Bytes: changes to Facebook and YouTube & the future of smart speakers

From Bits+Bytes, 9:08 am on 20 January 2018
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Why has Facebook changed its algorithm so now you’ll see more ‘meaningful’ posts in your timelines and less from organisations trying to sell you things or media outlets like RNZ sharing their content?

Alphabet (Google) is changing YouTube advertising rules to clean things up after complaints from advertisers.

2018 is set to be the year of the smart speakers - move over smartphones, interactive home speaker systems that can turn on the lights, order pizza and announce the cricket scores are about to take off as Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft launch new products for our homes. Emily Wang looks at the privacy issues for a device that’s recording voices and other sounds in your home.

Plus Simon and Peter have been testing out wireless home audio systems ( MusicCast and Sonos ), and your tech questions are answered.