3 Jan 2012

Egypt votes in third round of elections

10:14 pm on 3 January 2012

Egyptian voters are taking part in the third and final round of elections to the lower house of parliament.

People are heading to the polls in nine provinces of the country - including the Nile Delta, the south and the tourist resorts of South Sinai - with voting taking place over several days.

The BBC reports 14 million Egyptians are eligible to cast their ballots over two days.

The country's complex parliamentary poll is taking place in three stages and over three months.

The ballot will be followed by elections for the upper house after which Egypt's ruling military council is expected to make way for a civilian administration.

Islamists are expected to dominate this first democratic poll in 60 years.

The vote takes place days after the Egyptian authorities raided the offices of pro-democracy and human rights groups, drawing condemnation from Washington and the United Nations.

Meanwhile, the deposed president, Hosni Mubarak has again appeared in court in Cairo after a three month delay in his trial on charges of corruption and ordering the killing of protesters.