23 Dec 2011

Big lottery won by villagers

8:54 am on 23 December 2011

The top prize in the world's biggest Christmas lottery has gone to people who bought tickets in a town in the badlands of north-east Spain.

Each ticket with the winning number 58268 was worth 400,000 euros ($US524,000).

The state lottery agency said all 1800 winning tickets in the El Gordo draw were sold in Granen, population 2,100, in the Los Monegros area of Huesca province, an arid region.

Residents danced, sang, embraced and sprayed sparkling wine in celebration.

The BBC reports two housewives' associations in Granen and the neighbouring village of Sodeto were among the winners.

El Gordo (The Fat One) is worth 2.5 billion euros this year.