30 Nov 2011

Man turns himself in over Nuku Hiva death

8:09 pm on 30 November 2011

A Marquesan man has turned himself in to police following the death of a German tourist on the French Polynesian island of Nuku Hiva in October.

Stefan Ramin, who was sailing around the world with his girlfriend, went on a hunting expedition with a local guide.

The case caused headlines after the police found Mr Ramin's ashes in a fire, sparking rumours of cannibalism which were then scotched by the investigating prosecutor in Papeete.

Mr Ramin's partner says she was tied to a tree and sexually assaulted by the guide, who had come back to report him missing.

Arihano Haiti, who is 31 and unemployed, reported to the police in Nuku Hiva on Monday evening and is due before a magistrate for alleged murder, sexual assault and illegal confinement.