21 Oct 2011

Protestors from Amazon welcomed in La Paz

6:04 am on 21 October 2011

A protest by indigenous Amazonians has reached Bolivia's main city La Paz to a triumphant welcome.

The BBC reports thousands of people turned out to support them as they arrived in the capital.

The 500km march was made by 1000 men, women and children campaigning against plans to build a road through a rainforest reserve. They set out in August.

As they reached the edge of La Paz, President Evo Morales sent a message on Tuesday offering direct talks.

He has already ordered a temporary halt to the project, but campaigners want it scrapped altogether.

The government argues that the road will boost economic development and regional integration.

The protesters say the project will encourage illegal settlement and deforestation in their homeland and destroy their way of life.