3 Nov 2009

3000 still without water in Samoa after tsunami

4:27 pm on 3 November 2009

The United Nations Children's Fund says almost 3000 people in Samoa, many of them children, still rely on roadside deliveries of water more than a month after the tsunami.

UNICEF is supporting the Samoan Water Authority with two water tankers to provide essential supplies for those who do not have any other water source in the tsunami-devastated south and southeast of Upolu.

The authority is operating up to eight water tankers that run between 8am and midnight on a daily basis.

UNICEF's water, sanitation and hygiene specialist, Madhav Pahari, says while running water has since been restored to the tsunami-devastated areas, a lot of people have relocated to higher ground where there is no existing water source.

He says next week a water engineer will brought in to identify safe water sources for the displaced population and to provide options for a more sustainable water supply.