28 Sep 2011

UN draft resolution on Syria courts Russia, China support

3:49 pm on 28 September 2011

European countries proposing a United Nations resolution on the unrest in Syria have dropped demands for immediate sanctions against President Bashar Al-Assad's government.

The revised draft proposal instead holds out the threat of sanctions if Mr Assad's government does not halt military operations against civilians.

The BBC reports that the revised document aims to win the support of China and Russia - both of whom opposed sanctions and had threatened to veto the draft resolution when it was first circulated in August.

The revised wording states that the 15-nation Security Council "expresses its determination, in the event that Syria has not complied with this resolution, to adopt targeted measures, including sanctions".

Council diplomats believe this new version has good chance of passing and hope to bring it to a vote at the Security Council at the end of the week.