19 Sep 2009

Latest Holocaust speech by president of Iran denounced

11:54 am on 19 September 2009

The United States, Germany and Britain have condemned the latest speech by President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad of Iran who says the Nazi Holocaust was a lie and a myth.

At a rally in Teheran, Mr Ahmadinejad said the Holocaust was a "a lie based on an unprovable and mythical claim".

The BBC reports the speech was a repeat of previous assertions.

Germany said the president's comments were a "disgrace to his country."

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs cited an assertion by President Barack Obama in a speech to the Muslim world that "denying the Holocaust is baseless, ignorant and hateful".

He said the remarks would "isolate Iran further".

A foreign ministry spokesman in France called the remarks "unacceptable and shocking."

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said the denial was "abhorrent as well as ignorant".