8 Jan 2011

Sisters freed from jail on condition of kidney transplant

7:02 pm on 8 January 2011

Two sisters have been freed from jail in the United States on condition that one of them donate a kidney to the other.

Jamie and Gladys Scott, who had been in jail for 16 years, were serving life sentences for their part in an armed robbery which netted a mere $11 in 1994.

Keeping Jamie Scott locked up was costing the state of Mississippi almost $200,000 a year in medical bills reports the BBC.

Gladys, who came up with the idea for the transplant, volunteered to donate her kidney to 38-year-old Jamie in her petition for early release.

Mississippi's Governor Haley Barbour agreed to release the sisters on the condition that Gladys, 36, donates a kidney to her sister within one year.