7 Jan 2011

Dioxin scare closes thousands of German farms

10:34 pm on 7 January 2011

At least 4,700 farms in Germany have been closed after large amounts of animal feed were found to be contaminated with the poisonous chemical dioxin.

Officials insist the levels of dioxin do not pose a risk to humans, and that the closures are only a precaution, the BBC reports.

Most of the affected farms are pig farms in Lower Saxony.

Meanwhile, the European Union has warned that eggs from farms affected by dioxin have entered Britain in processed products destined for human food.

The eggs had been sent to the Netherlands for processing and to Britain where they were likely to be used in the production of a variety of food stuffs, including mayonnaise and pastries.

South Korea has blocked imports of German pork and poultry products from reaching consumers due to health concerns, local media reported on Friday.