30 Oct 2010

130 found alive on tsunami-smashed island

10:01 pm on 30 October 2010

Officials in Indonesia say that more than 130 people listed as missing have been found alive on high ground on an Indonesian island devastated by a tsunami five days ago.

They say rescuers found the group on North Pagai island off the coast of Sumatra.

More than 400 people died when the earthquake-triggered tsunami swept through a remote group of islands. More than 160 remain unaccounted for.

Meanwhile, Indonesia's Merapi volcano has erupted again, spreading ash over a vast area and causing panic.

Soldiers and police posted near the volcano in central Java were among hundreds who fled, clogging roads with cars and motorcycles.

Ash has been raining down in Yogyakarta, about 30 kilometres away, but authorities say the city is safe.

An eruption on Tuesday killed 34 people. Local people say the latest eruption was louder and stronger than Tuesday's.

Government volcano experts say it is yet another warning that Merapi remains extremely dangerous.

Alert levels have been raised on four other volcanoes, two of which are definitely showing signs of activity - Anak Krakatau and Mt Semeru.