8 Aug 2010

Muslim group holds anti-terrorism 'summer camp'

10:36 am on 8 August 2010

A Muslim group in Britain has opened what it calls a summer camp against terrorism.

More than 1,000 young Muslims are expected to attend the three-day event at Warwick University in Coventry, which will include sessions teaching religious arguments to use against extremists.

The event has been organised by the Minhaj ul-Quran to promote the fatwa (religious ruling) against terrorism issued by its leader, populist Pakistani cleric Dr Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri, in March.

Opening the summer camp, Dr Qadri told the mainly British Muslim audience to reject al-Qaeda and its "cancer" that was spreading through their faith, the BBC reports.

He told them to embrace being British and do all that they could to build a safe and secure society by using sound theological arguments to confront any extremists that they meet.

Minhaj ul-Quran, the international organisation set up by the cleric, argues that many traditional Muslim organisations have been too timid in taking on jihadist ideology, unintentionally leaving youngsters bewildered and susceptible to brainwashing.