29 Jun 2010

Record deaths for foreign troops in Afghanistan

11:32 pm on 29 June 2010

June has become the deadliest month for foreign troops in Afghanistan since the war started almost nine years ago.

At least 320 foreign troops have been killed so far this year, including four Norwegians who died when their vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in the northern province of Faryab on Sunday.

Last week, three Australian soldiers were killed and seven injured when a helicopter crashed in northern Kandahar. At the start of the month an improvised explosive device (IED) killed two other Australians, the ABC reports.

The number of casualties has escalated since the extra surge of 30,000 US troops.

A United Nations report released earlier this month found a 94%increase in attacks using IEDs in the first four months of this year, compared to the same period last year.