25 Jun 2010

Australian cabinet meets today under new PM

9:52 am on 25 June 2010

Australia's federal cabinet meets on Friday for the first time with Julia Gillard as prime minister.

She was elected unopposed on Thursday after Kevin Rudd stood down after factional leaders and key unions switched their support to Ms Gillard.

ALP powerbrokers were convinced that Labor could not win the next election under Mr Rudd. The ABC reports he is the first Labor leader to be dumped before the end of a first term.

Ms Gillard has defended her decision to challenge Mr Rudd as being in the national interest.

She has also confirmed that an election will be held this year.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says Ms Gillard will not lead a Government any different from that of Mr Rudd.

Mr Abbott said the party's policies would stay the same despite the change in the leadership.