22 May 2010

Texas schools adopt 'ideological' curriculum

12:27 pm on 22 May 2010

Education officials in the US state of Texas have adopted new guidelines to the school curriculum which critics say are forcing the beliefs of religious Republicans into textbooks.

The changes include teaching that the United Nations could be a threat to American freedom, and that the Founding Fathers may not have intended a complete separation of church and state.

Critics say the changes - which include referring to the slave trade as the Atlantic triangular trade - are ideological and distort history, but proponents argue they are redressing a long-standing liberal bias in education.

The BBC reports that Texas, with five million schoolchildren, wields substantial influence on school curriculums across the US and publishers often print what Texas teaches in books sold nationwide.

Students in Texas will now be taught the benefits of US free-market economics and how government taxation can harm economic progress.