9 May 2010

Suicide bomber attacks Russian military base

7:13 pm on 9 May 2010

A car bomb has exploded near a military base in Russia's southern Dagestan region killing at least one person.

A military official says the blast occurred about 100 metres from the base in the town of Kaspiysk in the mainly Muslim region.

According to provisional information no-one died except the driver of the car.

A bomb disposal expert was killed earlier by an explosive device near apartments housing the families of military officials in Kaspiysk town centre.

Insurgents from neighbouring Chechnya have launched attacks on VE Day, a holiday associated with the mass deportation of ethnic Chechens by Stalin during the war.

Dagestan, Chechnya and neighbouring Ingushetia are at the centre of an Islamist insurgency aimed at establishing an independent Islamic state.