27 Feb 2010

Marine park resumes shows with killer whale

6:02 pm on 27 February 2010

The SeaWorld marine park in Florida where an animal trainer was killed by a killer whale this week is resuming its shows - but with some restrictions.

Administrators say that, while safety procedures are reviewed, trainers at its three parks in the United States will no longer be allowed in the water with killer whales.

The five-tonne whale, called Tilikum, dragged the 40-year-old trainer into the water by her ponytail.

But the president of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Jim Atchison, says the whale will continue to be part of the team.

Tilikum was also involved in the death of a trainer while performing in Canada in 1991; other whales are also said to have attacked trainers at Sea World parks in 2006 and 2004.

Dr Naomi Rose, a marine mammal scientist for the Humane Society International, which works to protect mammals in the sea, says killer whales shouldn't be kept in captivity for entertainment.