16 Nov 2008

Dozens die after bus collides with sugar truck

12:16 pm on 16 November 2008

At least 66 people died when a bus and a truck collided and caught fire in Burkina Faso in one of West Africa's worst road accidents.

"We lament 96 victims, of whom 66 have died," Gilbert Noel Ouedraogo, the country's transport minister, said.

"Of the 66, 55 bodies were completely charred. There are 30 injured admitted to hospital."

He said there were Ivorian nationals aboard the bus, which was registered in Ivory Coast and owned by an Ivorian company Ba Issa Transport.

"For the nationalities of the victims, it is difficult to say. There are Ivorians, there are Burkinabes. But we have only been able to identify 10 people. With the 55 charred bodies identification is very difficult."

Early indications suggested the driver of the truck, which was carrying sugar, might have fallen asleep at the wheel.

All that remained of the two vehicles were burnt-out shells.