8 Oct 2020

Johnny Nash: I Can See Clearly Now singer dies aged 80

7:19 am on 8 October 2020
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American reggae and pop singer-songwriter Johnny Nash, best known for the 1972 hit 'I Can See Clearly Now', has died aged 80, his family has said.

Nash, whose health had been in decline, died at his home of natural causes on Tuesday, his son told US media.

The musician began singing as a child and made his major label debut with the 1957 song 'A Teenager Sings the Blues'.

Nash, born in Houston, was one of the first non-Jamaican singers to record reggae music in Kingston, Jamaica.

His single 'I Can See Clearly Now' sold more than a million copies and reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1972, where it remained for four weeks.

He also had a number one hit in the UK in 1975 with Tears on My Pillow.

According to his official website, Nash helped reggae legend Bob Marley sign a recording contract.

Nash's covers of songs like Stir It Up helped bring Marley's music to a broader audience, and the pair later collaborated on a track called You Poured Sugar On Me.

'Music is for the ears and not the age'

In an interview with Zoo World magazine in 1973, Nash told journalist Cameron Crowe he hoped his music had wide appeal. "I feel that music is universal. Music is for the ears and not the age. Everybody likes music… from eight to 80.

"There are some people who say that they hate music," he added. "I've run into a few, but I'm not sure I believe them. Maybe they have never been without music. Know what I mean?"

Reacting to the news of his death, singer Boy George credited Nash, with his "voice like silk", as one of the artists who "made me fall in love" with reggae.

British ska band The Beat described it as "a sad day for music".

US actor John Cusack also paid tribute to the late singer online, thanking him for allowing them to use his most famous track in the 1997 movie Grosse Pointe Blank.

Actress and singer Holly Robinson Peete offered: "Rest in peace Johnny Nash", while fellow musician Rex Chapman added: "2020 is the worst… Rest, Sir."

Besides his son John, Nash is survived by his wife, Carli.