7 Jan 2019

Taliban militants attack security checkpoints, killing 21

10:41 pm on 7 January 2019

Taliban insurgents have stormed security posts in west Afghanistan, killing 21 police and pro-government militia members.

Afghan Taliban militants stand with residents as they took to the street to celebrate ceasefire on the second day of Eid in the outskirts of Jalalabad on June 16,2018. - AFP)

It is believed up to 15 Taliban militants have been killed during their attack on security posts in west Afghanistan. Photo: AFP

It is the latest in a surge of attacks that has cast doubt on tentative steps towards talks.

The Taliban attacked the checkpoints in two different parts of Badghis province, which is on the border with Turkmenistan, late at night.

The head of the Badghis provincial council said 14 policemen and seven members of pro-government militias were killed, while nine were injured.

A second government official said more than 15 Taliban militants were killed and 10 wounded in the clashes.

- Reuters