11 Dec 2018

Enormous kangaroo dies at the age of 12

6:38 pm on 11 December 2018

A burly kangaroo whose buff physique shot him to internet fame has died at an Australian sanctuary.

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Photo: Courtesy of Twitter

The roo known as Roger was rescued as a joey after his mother was killed in a car accident, and grew up at the Australian Kangaroo Sanctuary in Alice Springs.

In his prime he stood more than two metres and weighed nearly 89 kilograms.

Roger first came to the world's attention in 2015 when images of him crushing a metal bucket in his hands using his huge muscles went viral.

The sanctuary owner Chris Barnes posted a video tribute to Roger saying they had lost their beautiful boy, sparking an outpouring of sympathy on social media.

"He was still a baby when I saved him from his mother's pouch after she'd gotten killed on the highway," Chris "Brolga" Barns told the BBC.

Mr Barns set up the sanctuary as a place to raise him. The marsupial soon became the alpha, and had 12 partners. There are currently more than 50 kangaroos at the site.

"At the beginning, there was a close bond but soon he looked at me as competition and wanted to fight me," Mr Barns said.

"Roger was as muscular as they come," Mr Barns said, pointing out that while his size and strength were not entirely unusual, they still set him apart from many other male kangaroos.

"Ever since he was featured on TV and clips went viral, there's been a lot of love and attention for him," Mr Barns said.

"Now that he passed away, we are again getting a lot of attention and have received condolences from people around the world."

He said Roger had been buried in the sanctuary so "he will always be here".