19 Feb 2018

Cambodia drops pornography charges against nine of 10 foreigners

8:22 pm on 19 February 2018

A Cambodian court has dropped charges against all but one of a group of 10 foreigners charged last month with producing pornography.

The court says the infringements took place at a party in the tourist town of Siem Reap.

The 10 were detained on 25 January, along with 77 other foreigners, in a raid on an event called the "Pub Crawl or Let's Get Wet" in Siem Reap province.

The Siem Reap Provincial Court had dropped all charges, Yin Srang, the court's spokesman, said.

Nine of them had been deported, including a New Zealander.

A court spokesperson said the remaining suspect was a British national.

- Reuters