17 Dec 2017

Two women die after Melbourne balcony collapses

12:36 pm on 17 December 2017

Two women have died and 17 people have been injured after a balcony collapsed in Melbourne last night.

It is believed more than 30 people were on the balcony at a house in the suburb of Doncaster East when it gave way.

A 59-year-old woman died at the scene, while a 37-year-old woman who was critically injured died in hospital this morning.

A number of others are in hospital with lacerations and broken bones.

It is understood the people were on the balcony trying to take a photo when it collapsed.

Neighbour Andrew Stone said he was watching television when he heard a loud crashing noise "like a tree being felled".

"I got up and came out to the street, because I knew it wasn't right, and that point a woman was sort of in hysteria - she'd come out and she was yelling 'oh my god, oh my god'," Mr Stone said.

"People started coming out [of the house] with visible blood, injuries, clearly distressed, lying down on the grass and obviously receiving first aid.

"It's one of those things that you don't think about, obviously, hosting a nice Christmas break-up.

"When I got home, the atmosphere from it was really good - people were laughing and having a really good time so for that to happen is unbelievable."

Acting Superintendent Kerin Moloney said it appeared to be an accident.

"This is a tragic incident that has been magnified by the fact we are only one week away from Christmas," he said.

Paul Holman from Ambulance Victoria said it was a chaotic scene which required a major emergency management response.

He said more than 12 ambulances were called to the property.