2 Aug 2008

Zimbabwe crisis talks to resume

11:02 am on 2 August 2008

South African President Thabo Mbeki says crisis talks between Zimbabwe's government and opposition will resume on Sunday.

Earlier, he met Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, who has said he wants the talks to succeed.

Mr Mbeki's visit followed the halting last week of crisis talks between the ruling and opposition parties. The talks are being held under a deadline of two weeks.

Negotiations began last week at a secret location near Pretoria after Mr Mugabe and Mr Tsvangirai met for the first time in a decade.

The Opposition Movement for Democratic Change has accused Mr Mugabe of stealing the election on 27 June.

Mr Mugabe has said he wants the talks to succeed, but warned that "sometimes compromise is difficult".

Mr Mbeki, the lead mediator on the Zimbabwe crisis, has said the two sides are determined to reach an agreement within a the time-frame.