22 Jun 2016

Scots back Mexico at Trump golf course

3:10 pm on 22 June 2016

Two neighbours of one of Donald Trump's golf courses in Scotland have raised Mexican flags ahead of the US presidential candidate's visit this weekend.

Scotsman Michael Forbes proudly flies the Mexican flag at his home north of  Aberdeen next to Trump International Golf Links course.

Scotsman Michael Forbes proudly flies the Mexican flag at his home north of Aberdeen. Photo: AFP

The presumptive Republican nominee has proposed building a wall on the US border with Mexico - with the Mexicans to foot the bill.

One of the flags was raised by Michael Forbes, who refused to sell his land on the Menie Estate to Mr Trump before the controversial Trump International Golf Links course opened in 2012.

Mr Forbes was publicly voted "Top Scot" in a competition run by whiskey brand Glenfiddich, after his refusal gained media attention.

David Milne, whose home was a former coastguard station next to the course, is the other flag-raiser.

David Milne's home next to Trump International Golf Links course is flying two flags - the Scottish Saltire and the Mexican flag.

David Milne Photo: AFP

He said the flag was to show solidarity with the Mexican people and anybody else that Mr Trump had "decried, defamed, lied about, harassed or attempted to intimidate".

Mr Milne said Mr Trump would easily see the flag, which he was flying next to the Saltire (national flag of Scotland), when he attended the course.

"It's just enough to remind him that where he tried to drive us out he failed completely on that front."

Mr Trump was expected to return to Scotland on Friday to officially open the revamped Turnberry course in Ayrshire, which he also owns.

He was expected to visit the Aberdeenshire course as well during his trip.

Mr Milne said there were no plans to hold a protest during Mr Trump's visit.

"We don't think he's worth the effort," he said.


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