6 Jun 2015

More FIFA execs 'will be exposed '

9:55 am on 6 June 2015

The American-led investigations into corruption at FIFA will bring down more executives, says the New Zealand QC who was formerly an investigator on the governing body's ethics committee.

The outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who resigned from his role.

The outgoing FIFA president Sepp Blatter, who's resigned from his role. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

Honorary president of New Zealand Football, Nicholas Davidson, quit his role on FIFA's investigatory chamber before Swiss police arrested seven senior officials in Zurich last week.

Mr Davidson said FIFA's ordinary workers were skilful, talented and dedicated, but somewhere above that was a veneer of decision-makers able to intercept a vast money-go-round.

Now that layer had been pierced, he said, some of those people would spill the beans.

"It strikes me from my observations of the people who work in the business, and I'm talking about ordinary employees, (they are) hugely skilful, talented people, and dedicated," Davidson said.

Davidson, who felt world soccer was going through a similar "sea-change", stressed he left FIFA due to a change in his professional life and not because of his work there or the unfolding scandal.

However, he said he nearly quit only months after starting work in earnest last October, following the departure of FIFA's independent investigator Michael Garcia.


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