17 Apr 2015

Chewie returns in new Star Wars

10:03 am on 17 April 2015

"Chewie, we're home."

With those words Harrison Ford, aka Han Solo, concludes the second trailer to the much anticipated release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Due for release at Christmas, the hype around the new Star Wars film already has fans clamouring for more online.

The latest trailer features a voice over from Mark Hamill, as Luke Skywalker, talking about his family before telling a yet to be disclosed character they, too, have the force. After several fight and chase scenes the iconic Solo pops up.

The Force Awakens cast is a mix of original actors - as well as Ford it includes Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia - and new faces to the Star Wars universe, such as Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o and Domhnall Gleeson.

Mark Hamill, who returns to the Skywalker role after more than 30 years, has said it feels like an "unexpected gift" to be back on a Star Wars set.

He told the BBC last year he was there to lend his support and grow a "contractually-obligated beard".

He praised the new generation of actors, including Daisy Ridley.