28 Jul 2014

Job-seekers may have to apply for 40 a month

8:41 pm on 28 July 2014

Australian job-seekers may be forced to apply for 40 jobs a month as the Abbott administration renews its push to move people off welfare.

The Australian government has unveiled a $A5.1 billion jobs placement programme and an expansion of the Work for the Dole Scheme.

The draft employment and welfare changes will force unemployed Australians to apply for a minimum number of 40 jobs each month in order to qualify for benefits, the ABC reports.

"It's most important that job seekers look for work." Assistant Employment Minister Luke Hartsuyker said on Monday. "It is absolutely obvious that if you are sitting at home not looking for work, you are unlikely to get a job."

Government politicians say looking for work is a job-seeker's primary responsibility, but opposition MPs say the rule changes will trigger a deluge of fake job applications.

Under the proposed changes, fit and healthy job-seekers aged under 30 will have to sign up for 25 hours of work for the dole for at least half of each year.

Those aged between 30 and 50, or who are under 30 and have limited physical capacity to work, will be expected to do 15 hours of work for the dole every six months.