30 May 2014

Sydney man charged over Syrian conflict

9:53 pm on 30 May 2014

A man accused of trying to take part in Syria's civil war has appeared in court in one of the first cases of its kind in Australia.

It is an offence under Australian Federal law to take part in, fund, recruit or train for the Syrian conflict. The charges carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail.

Amin Mohamed from Sydney was charged with four federal foreign incursion offences related to making preparations to travel to Syria.

He was arrested and charged in December last year in Sydney and was formally charged again in Melbourne on 19 May, the ABC reports.

The 23-year-old is being tried in Melbourne because the alleged offences are said to have occurred in Victoria.

He appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court briefly for a filing hearing on Friday with several supporters present.

He was granted bail on the charges but is currently being held at Villawood Detention Centre in New South Wales and may be transferred to Maribyrnong Detention Centre in Melbourne.

Federal prosecutors told the court that another Sydney man had been charged with recruiting offences. They said the arrests were part of a larger operation and the evidence would include information from telephone intercepts.

Mr Mohamed is due to return to court in Melbourne in July.