10 Feb 2014

Schapelle Corby leaves Indonesian jail

9:51 pm on 10 February 2014

Convicted Australian drug smuggler Schapelle Corby has been released from jail in Indonesia, after serving nine years of a 20-year sentence for smuggling 4kg of marijuana in a boogie board.

A heaving pack of about 60 members of the news media blocked the small metal door at the Kerbokan jail as Corby came out on Monday.

Schapelle Corby was escorted out of prison to a police van.

Schapelle Corby was escorted out of prison to a police van. Photo: AFP

A group of about 20 police formed a line and forced them back as Corby and sister Mercedes' partner, Wayan, were taken to a prison van with tinted windows.

Corby did not speak to media and is expected to live with the couple in Bali until her parole finishes in 2017 and she is free to return to Australia, AAP reports.

Prison governor Farid Junaedi told reporters that Corby was still a prisoner and would begin her parole. He described the 36-year-old as nervous because of intense scrutiny.

After leaving the jail, Corby went to the prosecutor's office and to the corrections office to fill out official paperwork.

In Queensland, her mother Roseleigh Rose, family and friends celebrated with champagne and dancing.

Ms Rose had been reluctant to speak to media in recent days, but on Monday morning emotions overflowed as she as she laughed, shouted with joy and clapped while toasting her daughter's release, the ABC reported.

A family friend said everyone was thrilled that Corby was finally free. There was no word when Ms Rose would go to see her.

Indonesia's justice minister approved Corby's parole application on Friday.