6 Jan 2014

Baby crocodiles in swimming pool

1:16 pm on 6 January 2014

Swimmers at a public pool in Mt Isa, Queensland, got a surprise when they found they were sharing the water with a family of baby freshwater crocodiles.

The ABC reports they were found by a man doing laps just after the pool opened on Sunday.

He alerted pool manager Brian Rodriquez who got everyone out of the water.

''Brian I don't mean to alarm you, but I think there's a crocodile in the pool,'' he said.

Mr Rodriquez said he got everyone out of the water.

''We ended up finding five baby crocs swimming around.

"Then we found another two wandering around on the concrete after that as well."

The ABC reports another two crocodiles were found in the complex on Sunday evening, taking the total to nine crocodiles.

Mr Rodriquez admits the thought did cross his mind as to whether their parents may be nearby.

''When there became more and more I thought wow - has someone played a prank or is their mummy around, or daddy around?''

AAP reports the crocodiles were three to four weeks old and between 25cm - 30cm long. It appears they were stolen from their nest and thrown over the fence at the pool in a prank.

A licensed reptile handler will release the crocs back into the wild on Monday.