26 Nov 2013

Scientists retrace to Mawson expedition

2:40 pm on 26 November 2013

A group of Australian scientists will on Wednesday start to retrace a journey by Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson 100 years ago.

The team of 48 will be led by Professor Chris Turney and Dr Chris Fogwill of the University of New South Wales. AAP reports they intend traverse the route Mawson explored during the last leg of an expedition in 1911-1914.

The Australasian Antarctic Expedition will repeat some of the observations Mawson's expedition made, including on ocean, wildlife, geology and weather.

Professor Turney said the group wanted to see how much had changed in Antarctica over the past 100 years.

"We know some things have happened but we don't know by what scale or magnitude,' he told AAP.

Prof Turney said another aim was to engage the public in science and inspire a new generation of scientists.

AAP reports Google Hangout, a video chat portal, will be used to have conversations with members of the public and the team will also post updates on You Tube and Twitter.

Mawson relied on morse code which was a modern communication method then.

Professor Turney said a team would also travel across the sea ice to reach Mawson's Hut.

The exploration has been two years in the making.