25 Nov 2013

Dr Who anniversary watched by 10 million in UK

8:57 am on 25 November 2013

More than 10 million people watched a special 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who in Britain, according to viewing figures for Saturday night.

At its peak, the show was watched by 10.61 million viewers. But Strictly Come Dancing was the night's most popular show, peaking at 11.7 million viewers.

The Day of the Doctor was broadcast in 94 countries at the same time as it screened on BBC One on Saturday night.

Three Doctors were featured: Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt. There were also cameos from former star Tom Baker, and Peter Capaldi, who replaces Smith later this year.

Opening with the show's original credit sequence from 1963, the story featured the Daleks and the return of the Zygons, shape-shifting aliens who first appeared in 1975.

The BBC reports the global broadcast included 3D screenings in more than 1500 cinemas in 94 countries.