26 Sep 2013

Forensic teams search Kenyan mall

7:52 am on 26 September 2013

Armed Kenyan troops are still searching through a Nairobi shopping mall to secure the complex following a deadly four-day siege.

The Government says at least 67 people were killed in the attack, but the al-Shabab militant group that has claimed responsibility says the toll is more than double that. Dozens of people are still missing.

Several bodies are thought to be trapped under rubble after three floors of the Westgate mall building collapsed following a fire.

Forensic teams from Britain, Canada, the United States and Israel are helping their Kenyan counterparts carry out DNA, fingerprint and ballistic tests.

The ABC reports Kenyan troops have been searching the complex for any rigged explosives.

Investigation teams are also expecting to find more bodies of both attackers and victims.

The forensic process is expected to take about a week.

Kenya has begun three days of national mourning over the attack.