31 Aug 2013

Australian election closer than polls suggest - Rudd

5:20 pm on 31 August 2013

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd hasn't given up on winning next Saturday's election, saying private polling shows the race is tighter than people think.

"I've seen a lot of polls which suggest the election will end a little closer than you think," Mr Rudd told reporters in Palmerston in the Northern Territory.

Newspoll results published by The Weekend Australian show massive swings against the Labor government in its strongholds of western Sydney, coastal NSW and Melbourne.

AAP reports it suggested the Rudd government looks set for defeat on 7 September, with the marginal Victorian seats of La Trobe, Deakin and Corangamite expected to be claimed by the coalition with a two-party preferred vote of 53% to Labor's 47%.

A JWS Research poll in the Australian Financial Review of five Labor seats shows four in danger, including Treasurer Chris Bowen's seat of McMahon. Mr Rudd looks safer in his seat of Griffith.

Mr Rudd said voters were only in the last few days beginning to "lock on" their choices and his job was to continue the message that Labor was in the business of building jobs and growth and the coalition was about cuts.