27 Aug 2013

Labor in desperate fight for Queensland

8:32 am on 27 August 2013

The Australian Labor Party is in a desperate fight to retain several marginal seats in Queensland in next month's federal election.

A number of them are in and around Brisbane and even Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's seat of Griffith under threat.

If Labor is unable to stem the loss of seats in Queensland it faces a major defeat in the election on 7 September.

Party strategists concede Labor is in a tough battle to hold all its marginal seats in Queensland.

A political scientist at the University of Queensland, Ian Ward, says Mr Rudd's return as Prime Minister has done little to strengthen the party's position in the state.

Mr Ward says in Mr Rudd's seat, which is not that marginal, the Liberal Party is putting a huge effort to unseat him.

Other Labor seats in Brisbane at risk are Moreton, Lilley, Rankin and Petrie, where Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott campaigned on Monday.